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The Hill Baptist Church

Spending time hearing and studying God’s Word together is something we value highly at The Hill Baptist Church. In addition to solid, biblical teaching, we also value relationships. This is why we are launching what we call Community Groups. 

What are Community Groups? A Community Group is a group of 10 to 14 people that commit to get together once a month for four months. Each group will be made up of singles, couples, and families.

What is the purpose of Community Groups? The purpose of the Community Group is to help our church members and guests deepen their relationships with one another.

What will these Community Groups be doing? The Community Group get-togethers will range from gathering for dinner at someone’s house or restaurant to attending a Green Jackets’ baseball game to meeting somewhere for dessert. The options are limitless but the purpose is to get to know one another better. 

What happens after four months? After the four month period new Community Groups will be put together and will run for another four months.

When will the Community Groups begin? You will have the opportunity to sign up during the month of January. Then the groups will begin meeting in February. 

How do I join a Community Group? I’m glad you asked! If you would like to join a Community Group please fill out the Community Group card. During the month of January we will be collecting the Community Group cards. At the end of the month, the groups will be put together and you will be contacted by your Community Group leader.

I want to challenge you to step out of your row and into a circle and join a Community Group today!

To join a Community Group simply fill out the form below and hit submit!

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