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The Hill Baptist Church
Tuesday, March 31 2015

Dear Church Family,

    If you’re like me you are thankful for the warmer weather! Spring is a time for renewal and growth. However, we must not overlook what happens during those cold months. The beauty of Spring comes about because of the unseen work that occurs in Winter. The plants may seem dead. Many trees are leafless and there is no evidence of a daffodil. During the winter, underneath the service of the ground, the roots are being strengthened in order to produce new life. Then as the temperature rises the the unseen work of winter is put on display in vibrant beauty. 

    The writer of Ecclesiastes wrote the everything is made beautiful in its time. Your winter may not be associated with the temperature. You may be going through a difficult time. You may be seeing little fruit from your labor. However, our Heavenly Father is always at work building up our root system in order to produce the beautiful result that only He can craft. You may not see the flower blooming yet, but hold on! God tells us that He will complete what He has started in us. 

    As a church, we have walked through many seasons. I believe God has been reestablishing our roots. In many ways we have been strengthened. Perhaps we are entering a warmer season where we will begin seeing more blossoms. I want to encourage you to continue to seek to bloom where you are planted. Look for ways that you can point people to Jesus. I want to challenge you to invite someone to one of our morning worship services on Easter Sunday. Also, I want to invite you to join us for our covered dish 85th anniversary luncheon on Sunday, April 19th. During this luncheon we will celebrate 85 years of ministry. We will also share about our church-wide mission trip to New York City this summer and give you an opportunity to donate toward the trip. 

    I love the warmer weather and I pray that this season will be a season of growth for all of us!

In Christ,

Pastor Ron Jones

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