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The Hill Baptist Church
Saturday, May 01 2021

Dear Church Family,

A few weeks ago I shared an interesting statistic with the deacons. A recent survey done in April found that only 37% of adults feel comfortable attending a religious service. This means that over 60% do not feel comfortable! This statistic tells me two things. First, people are going to be slow in returning to the in-person Sunday worship service. Second, one of the best ways for us to reach people is going to be online.

We’ve all had to learn how to use technology over this past year and that’s not going away. Rather than seeing it as a burden, we need to see it as an opportunity. We need to get accustomed to not only inviting people to join us for our in-person worship gatherings but also inviting them to watch our online service. We need to not only invite them to our Wednesday Evening Bible Study but also to participate online using Facebook or Zoom. Other ways we can help them take a next step is to invite them to join our email list, like our Facebook page, and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Before the pandemic, many of these ways to connect with people were not on our radar. Now Zoom, Facebook, YouTube, and Livestreaming are terms that everyone knows. Let’s make the most of these tools and invite people to take their next step to connect with our church.

In summary, here are some action points.

  • Invite someone to watch our worship service online using our website (, our Facebook page (TheHillBaptist), or our YouTube channel (to access our YouTube channel, go to our website and click on the YouTube slide).
  • Invite someone to join our email list. They can join by going to our website and clicking on “Subscribe to Receive Weekly Updates” which is located at the bottom right of the page.
  • Invite someone to join our Wednesday Evening Study by joining our Facebook Group “Wednesday Evening Bible Study” or by joining through Zoom (the Zoom information is sent out every Wednesday in the Mission Update email).

In Christ,

Pastor Ron Jones

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