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The Hill Baptist Church
Monday, August 01 2022

Dear Church Family,

It’s so encouraging when you witness the birth of the desire within a person’s heart to grow spiritually. I was able to witness this in one of our youth at the end of the youth beach trip. Many of you were involved in this ministry effort as well through your prayers and financial support. Thank you for investing in our youth!

As we exit the summer months and enter a new school year, I want to challenge you to continue to be engaged in the mission. It will take effort but the effort is worth it. Your participation in helping people become growing followers of Jesus will help both you and those you’re working with move forward with the Lord. Here are a few ways you can engage in the mission.

  • Be Present - Make it a priority to attend Sunday School and the Worship Service every Sunday. Try scheduling your other activities so they don’t conflict with gathering with the Church. Your presence is a blessing to our Church!

  • Serve - Look for ways to use your gifts and abilities to help our Church fulfill its mission. Talk to the pastor if you would like to find a way to serve.
    • Is there a role you can take on in your Sunday school class?
    • Are you interested in helping with the children or youth?
    • Are you interested in college ministry?
    • Would you like to incorporate your musical ability into our worship services?
    • Do you enjoy planning activities?
    • Do you love helping people in need?
    • Do you like visiting with people who are homebound or in extended care facilities?
    • Are you interested in learning how to operate our sound and video equipment?
    • Would you like to serve on the Prep Team that will make sure everything is set up for our Wednesday evening dinners?

  • Give - We are behind in our giving and as we exit the summer we need to catch up. We need everyone to give financially in order for us to meet our budget needs. There are three ways you can give.
    • You can give online at by clicking on Give.
    • You can give Sunday morning before or after the Worship Service by leaving your offering in the offering plate.
    • You can give by mailing your check to:

                        The Hill Baptist Church

                        2165 Kings Way 

                        Augusta GA 30904

It’s very encouraging when you witness the birth of the desire within a person’s heart to grow spiritually! We can all be involved in helping people become growing followers of Jesus. How will you be engaged in the mission?

In Christ,

Pastor Ron Jones

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