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The Hill Baptist Church
Wednesday, November 04 2015
Well Done Wyanne!

Dear Church Family,

    On Sunday, November 15th at 4pm we will host a retirement party in the Social Hall for Wyanne Moseley. She has faithfully served The Hill Baptist Church for 32 years! A lot has happened in 32 years. When Wyanne began her career at the church the year was 1983. Ronald Reagan was president of the United States and Jack Johnson was the pastor of our church. Computers were a thing of the future and the internet had not been invented. The only phones were those attached to a chord. Many things have changed over the years and Wyanne has adapted with that change. She has learned new ways of doing things. She has developed new skills and perfected old ones. She has dealt with vendors, the post office, computer people, pest control people, church members, pastors and people from all walks of life. 

    Although things have changed, one thing has remained consistent. That one thing is Wyanne’s commitment to the Lord and to His work. Her love for the Lord is evident in her interactions with people and in her work. When many of you think of the Administrative Assistant job you probably think of handling finances, making copies, and answering the phones. Although all these tasks are present in this role, there is much more that Wyanne handles on a daily basis. She is the first one to talk to a church member when they call the office to inform the church about the death of a loved one. She is the first one that a hurting person talks to when they walk through the office door in need of food. She has helped numerous people navigate difficult conversations regarding our church and life. She knows everyone. She knows where everything is located. She possesses a wealth of knowledge that has benefited the ministry of The Hill Baptist Church for decades. 

    What are we going to do without her? Someone will have to try to fill her shoes but those shoes will not fit right away. We will move forward trusting God to raise up someone that can take the baton that Wyanne has carried for all these years. However, we all know that there will never be another Wyanne Moseley. For over thirty years she has faithfully fulfilled her calling. I hope that you will join me on November the 14th to tell Wyanne thank you for all her faithful years of service!

In Christ,

Pastor Ron Jones

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