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The Hill Baptist Church
Thursday, October 27 2016

Dear Church Family,

    As I mentioned last month, the Children’s Dream Project Committee has been working hard to present to our church a proposal for the updating of our children’s ministry area. I have walked with them through this process and the proposal is nearing completion. I hope to have them present the proposal this month. In preparation for hearing about how we can update the children’s ministry area, I want to share with you some of the reasons why we must move forward with this project.

    In a recent research project, nearly 600 churches and families were surveyed about the influence and effects of children’s ministry. I want to share with you the six things they found in their research.

Finding #1: Children’s ministry is a major conduit for getting families involved in ministry.

“Families in our survey indicated that they’re tuned in to the presence and role of the children’s ministry. They also assess it as a high-value ministry, with 76% stating that children’s ministry plays a key role in their church.”

Finding #2: Families with kids in the children’s ministry are some of the most active and committed members in a church.

“In a nutshell…families with kids in the children’s ministry are more likely to be committed, loyal, financially supportive participants in a church.”

Finding #3: A healthy children’s ministry attracts families to your church.

“Our research revealed that families place a premium on their kids’ children’s ministry experience. The majority (66%) said the children’s ministry program was ‘very important’ in their overall consideration when they chose their current church. Your children’s ministry is a growth engine for church growth. Parents also ranked ‘the children’s ministry’ as the third most important reason they joined their current church - only marginally behind ‘the church emphases’ and ‘preaching.’”

Finding #4: An unhealthy or declining children’s ministry program may result in families leaving a church.

“A weak children's ministry impacts church growth. Make no mistake: The quality and health of a children’s ministry program strongly influences families’ views on staying - or leaving - their church. The majority (69%) said that if their current church didn’t have a strong children’s ministry program, they would’ve had second thoughts about joining in the first place. Sixty-one percent said that if the current children’s ministry program ever diminished or died, it would definitely influence their decision to stay at the church.”

Finding #5: Parents say children’s ministry makes a positive impact in their child’s life.

“When parents ranked the three greatest benefits their current children’s ministry offers, by far the number one benefit was this: ‘It helps my kids develop a personal, growing faith.’”

Finding #6: Parents say children’s ministry has changed their family’s behavior at home.

“Overall, 60% of families told us that the ministry has impacted them moderately or somewhat and that they have done some or many of the at-home activities suggested by the ministry. Another 20% said the ministry has impacted their family significantly and that they regularly incorporate ministry suggestions into their family life.”

    I believe our church has a wonderful leader and wonderful volunteers in our children’s ministry! My children have benefited greatly from the teaching and love of those of you who volunteer in our children’s ministry. However, the main area that needs attention is the area in which they minister. If you take a tour through our children’s classrooms you will find some rooms with badly stained carpet. You will find bathrooms that were built over 50 years ago. You will see the need for updated secure check-in equipment. These are just a few of the things the Dream Project Committee has identified.

    I believe we are a church that loves not only our children but the children in our community. I believe we all want to provide these children a safe, clean, and creative space for them to learn about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As we prepare to receive the proposal from the Children’s Dream Project Committee, I want to ask you to prayerfully consider how you will invest in this project.

In Christ,

Pastor Ron Jones

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