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The Hill Baptist Church
Wednesday, October 25 2017

Dear Church Family,
    As you know, we have been studying Paul’s letter to the Ephesians for the past few months. One of the main points the apostle Paul makes in his letter is that we are united together in Christ. He calls us one body and he tells us that each one of us is a member of that body. We can tend to look at our own bodies and see that our bodies only have so many members or parts. We may replace some of the parts along the way but we don’t add new ones like a third arm or a second nose. What is interesting about the body of Christ is that unlike our physical bodies we can add members to it. Now, obviously Paul is using the body as a metaphor for how we should work together and be unified under the lordship of Jesus but my point still holds true. There is always room in the body for more members. 
    Our mission to love God, love people, and make disciples of Jesus Christ. Our desire is that more and more people will say “yes” to Jesus by believing the gospel. This is why do many of the ministries that we do such as the Each One Reach One lunches and outreaches, the summer camps, the youth socials, the senior adult gatherings, Vacation Bible School, college outreaches, Easter outreaches, and the many the ways we serve in our community. We want to be a light in our community that points people to Jesus. In order to do these outreaches, these service opportunities, as well as the many ways we seek to make disciples through our many gatherings in our church building it takes funding. 
    We have three more months to go in 2017 and we have both fixed expenses as well as ministry opportunities we would like to fund. In order to fund these and other items in our budget we need to finish the year strong. We are currently about 15% behind in our giving which equals around $31,000. if we are going to finish the year strong and fully fund both our fixed expenses as well as our ministry initiatives then we all need to give. Would you prayerfully consider helping us end the year fully funded? We’ve accomplished a lot this year with the updating of our Children’s Ministry Area and the mission offerings that we have fully funded. Now we need to seek to fully fund our budget. You are a generous church and I know that you have been giving generously all throughout the year. Now I want to challenge you to continue in that spirit of generosity and help us reach our budget goal. Thank you in advance for your generosity and your willingness to be used by the Lord. Remember, together we can do more than we can alone.

In Christ,
Pastor Ron Jones


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