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The Hill Baptist Church
Sunday, August 01 2021

Dear Church Family,

Over the past few years, you’ve heard a lot about infrastructure. The past two presidents have talked about the need to improve the infrastructure of our country. One website defines infrastructure this way:

Infrastructure is the general term for the basic physical systems of a business,
region, or nation. Examples of infrastructure include transportation systems,
communication networks, sewage, water, and electric systems. These systems
tend to be capital intensive and high-cost investments, and are vital to a
country's economic development and prosperity.

If you have adequate infrastructure then you’re able to grow. Imagine a community that is seeing more people move into the area. In order to adequately serve the growing population, the community will need to expand roads and other public services. If the community fails to improve its infrastructure, not only will growth not happen but the current residents will experience the congestion of services.

Our church is like the community in my example. We want to see more people “move to our area” meaning we want to see more people become disciples of Jesus and worship with us. However, our current infrastructure can only handle so much. In order for us to improve and increase our services, we must expand.

The way we expand our services to those within our church and community is by our members, you and me, serving in specific ways. During the month of August, you will have the opportunity to sign up to serve and help us expand our infrastructure. We have several different ways that you can be involved in helping us fulfill our mission to love God, love people, and make disciples of Jesus Christ. Whether it’s working with children, running the audio-visual system, playing an instrument, teaching a Sunday school class, planning short-term mission trips, spearheading our senior adult ministry, working with our teenagers, or wherever you may serve you will help us improve and increase the ministry of The Hill Baptist Church. I want you to pray about where God is leading you to sign up to serve!

In Christ,
Pastor Ron Jones
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