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The Hill Baptist Church
Wednesday, February 01 2023

Dear Church Family,

As a church, we’ve been seeking the Lord for direction through prayer and fasting. We’ve been asking God to give the leadership of the church clarity of direction. We’ve been asking God to help us be open to how He leads. We believe God is answering our prayers and guiding our steps. There are three main areas where we believe the Lord has been answering our prayers for guidance and ideas.

The first area is the area of congregational worship. We believe He has led us to call Jim Thomaston to be our new Worship Leader. Jim loves the Lord and desires to use his talents to help people worship the Lord. His wife Shannon shares that desire as well. We’re excited about what the Lord is going to do through this change.

The second area is the church building. We believe the Lord has given us ideas for how to best use different parts of the church building such as the Welcome Center, the Youth area, the Children’s area, and the Children’s Library. 

  • In the coming weeks, we will begin to use the Welcome Center as our Main Entrance to the Church. Until now, the Welcome Center has been used as a hallway. Now we are going to use that space as an area to welcome new guests to our church as well as one another. We’re asking our adult Sunday school classes to end at 10:40am in order to give people time to come down to the Welcome Center, grab a worship guide, and greet one another. You’ll also begin seeing new signs outside the building that will guide everyone to the Welcome Center.
  • Another area that will be changing is the Youth area. We are going to move the Youth area from the third floor of the Sanctuary building to the second floor of the Sanctuary building. This will put the youth on the same level with the other classes, give them access to a restroom, and make it accessible for anyone that may have trouble with stairs.
  • In the Children’s area, we will be creating a check-in station on the nursery side of the area. We will be placing a sign above the double doors that lead into that area that directs those with children to where they can check in. 
  • Another idea that we want to implement in the Children’s area is to create a children’s library in one of the unused classrooms. The children’s library would be a place where the children can read a book or play an educational game on the iPads. Currently, the children’s books in the main library are not being used. We’re going to move the children’s books from the main library into the children’s area. This will give the children and the teachers easier access to the resources we have.

The third area is outreach. There are two main ideas that we want to implement in the area of outreach. The first is our online outreach. We’ll be launching a new website this month. As you may know, a church’s website has become the front door. Most people go to a church’s website before they go to the physical building. In addition to our website, we’ll be using other forms of social media as well. The second idea is to focus our outreach efforts on specific neighborhoods. As the outreach team meets to discuss this initiative, we’ll be able to share more details as to what this will look like.

These are three main areas that we believe the Lord has given us ideas to implement that will help us be more effective in reaching the next generation with the gospel. We’re continually asking God to lead and guide us. Because we know, like the Psalmist said in Psalm 127:1…

Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.

Let’s continue to trust the Lord to build His church as we move forward by faith.

In Christ,

Pastor Ron Jones

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