Dear Church Family,

Thank you for praying for our Holy Week services and inviting your friends and family to join us! Seeds were sown and now let’s trust God with the results. I was talking to Jonathan the other day and he shared with me an interesting fact about seeds. A local nursery shared with him that some seeds take a year to germinate. The germination process is what the seed goes through as it prepares to grow. Germination requires heat, water, and other factors to be just right. Once these factors are where they need to be the seed begins to grow. The gospel seed has been planted in the hearts of many. Now let’s provide the warmth of God’s love as we continue to minister to them. Let’s continue to water the seed with the water of God’s Word by inviting them to Sunday School, Wednesday evening Bible study, and the worship service. And let’s trust God to cause the growth!

In Christ,

Pastor Ron Jones